EverQuest II starts its Summer Jubilee with Tinkerfest’s return, EverQuest brings back Hardcore Heritage


Generally speaking, the elder statesmen of our genre are some of the more “hardcore” titles by mere dint of their age and some creaky old systems, but maybe you find your life in EverQuest a bit too easy. If that’s the case, then the return of the Hardcore Heritage event might be what you’re waiting for.

This year’s event sees phase one run between now and June 21st, with phase 2 scheduled for June 15th to July 5th. For those unfamiliar with this event, Hardcore Heritage ramps up the difficulty of some of the game’s more popular early zones to make them appropriate for higher level characters; specifically, phase one will tune things up for levels 80-85, and phase two makes certain zones appropriate for levels 90-100. The link above details all of the specific locations getting juiced up.

Meanwhile in EverQuest II, the season-long Summer Jubilee collection of summer events is now underway, starting with the return of Tinkerfest, which runs between now and June 15th. Familiar and new goodies and quests await those on live and progression servers, while the Summer Jubilee further layers on extra goodies like a set of bracers that get stronger stats as players take on this year’s summertime events.

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