Final Fantasy XI previews its next patch and the upcoming Sunshine Seeker event


It should not surprise anyone who is familiar with the update cadence of Final Fantasy XI tht there will be a new patch for the game in June. Indeed, the preview for this patch is already available for fans, promising more of the Voracious Resurgence content with Maat and Mumor taking center stage. The patch also has new Ambuscade fights and will adjust how the infamous Spike Flail ability works in Domain Invasion content, although it will remain unchanged for other parts of the world. Don’t worry, more potential adjustments are on deck.

Players will also get to run around as a mandragora starting on June 13th with the return of the Sunshine Seeker event, which now brings a new reward to the table in the form of a mandragora-themed club. You can also unlock a mandragora alter ego to summon as a Trust, so that will help you immensely even if you’ve decided to grind levels by beating up on other mandies. Your Trust will only judge you a little.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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