Last Oasis will completely revamp character progression in Season Five via a schematics system

Good, well-thought-out plans.

Last Oasis has been making a whole lot of noise about its upcoming Season Five through a series of dev blogs, and the team at Donkey Crew is back once more with another one, this time all about a total overhaul of the survival sandbox’s character progression system.

Previously, the game’s progression was linked to tablets and fragments, and one player could use these resources gathered by others in a guild or group to unlock character advancement for everyone. That’s going away in Season Five, replaced instead with a schematics system that will be individualized to players. These will be loot drops like any other, but are specific to certain pieces of tech or structures; players will need schematics for a certain Walker rig, certain base building items, and so on.

What schematics drop from where is tied to a map’s difficulty, meaning the more challenging the map, the more advanced schematics that can be found, but getting to those schematics will require players to be appropriately prepared for encounters that might involve ranged weapons or assault Walkers specifically. Drop rates for schematics will be carefully tuned, as the devs want to “avoid excessive amounts of prayers directed at RNGesus.”

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