Mortal Online 2 adds updates to auction house, trinkets, and alchemy in latest patch


As a rule of thumb, yelling out “Nerrrrd!” at someone is bad practice, but doing so in Mortal Online 2 as you witness someone performing some new alchemy added in the latest patch is an even worse idea, as that nerd will very likely whip around and lodge a weapon into your character’s face.

Thanks to upgrades to the system, players of the sandbox MMORPG can now run around the world, gather ingredients, and go to an alchemy station to craft alchemical effects that can change size, weight, and age. Personally speaking, if I want to increase my weight through “alchemy,” I do so simply by performing an alchemical feat known as “eat all the burgers.”

The patch has also improved the ability to post buy and sell orders at a trade broker (an auction house by any other name) and introduced trinkets that can drop from enemies, which can then be identified to unveil whatever benefits they provide. The patch otherwise increases the chance at getting legendary fish, allows players to make allies while at war, and applies a list of bug fixes.

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