Sci-fi sandbox Galaxies of Eden shifts pre-alpha release to year’s end due to technical issues

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Remember Galaxies of Eden? It’s an in-development sci-fi sandbox MMORPG from indie studio MIR Cybernetics that looks to be a pretty close approximation of Star Wars Galaxies’┬ásecond coming. The devs were eyeballing a pre-alpha test for sometime in the second quarter of 2022, but according to the most recent dev blog, those plans have had to shift quite a bit, with pre-alpha now being targeted for the end of this year.

The delay of pre-alpha testing is attributed to “roadblocks” and “unforeseen issues” that caused the devs to stop focusing on gameplay development and work on “challenges” with service automation processes, changing graphics creation tools, and server migration for account management systems. Most of these problems have been ultimately addressed, however, and work on gameplay is now resuming, and the game now has a shiny new account portal to boot.

Incidentally, the above complications forced the devs into behind-the-scenes work, meaning there wasn’t anything gameplay-related to showcase and thus there was a lack of dev blogs. Now that mechanical futzing is out of the way, MIR Cybernetics hopes to have more regular updates to share.

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