Skyforge’s seventh season of Pantheon Wars begins June 12 with new mechanic adjustments


Next week will see players of Skyforge across PC and consoles wage war with one another to determine the strongest of pantheons. The game’s Pantheon Wars is coming back for its seventh season on Sunday, June 12th, and it’s bringing with it a few notable changes to the way it works.

First off, there will be a new ranking system in place that takes into account the number of members in a Pantheon and its combined Might. This is important, as only the top Pantheons will be able to participate in the bidding for the Golden League starting with season seven, which in turn is dictated by the number of Pantheons on a given server.

The system’s Vindicator mechanics are seeing tweaks in season seven as well: Those with existing Vindicator status will be able to participate in battles, the number of players that can be assigned Vindicator status in a Pantheon has been reduced, and the rewards for Vindicators have been increased. On the subject of rewards, more information will come later, but the post does confirm the top eight Pantheons in the Golden League will be eligible for goodies.

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