Albion Online explores its magic staff revamp, launching tomorrow in Into the Fray


Just one more, bro: one more preview before Albion Online’s Into the Fray update is live, that is. Sandbox Interactive has a text-and-pic-laden dev blog up on the staff rework that is potentially the best part of the patch.

According to the devs, magic staffs (as contrasted to quarterstaffs, my personal fave in Albion) are “one of the oldest weapon lines in the game,” and as such, they “carried around very old animations from the early days of Albion Online.” The studio sought to improve their animations and “achieve a visual distinction” between the one-handers and two-handers as well as between the different types of magic so that casters looked like casters and not like fighters with staves.

The devs also discuss what they learned from the creation of war gloves and how they applied it to this revamp.

“For example, with using multiple autoattack chains with different timing. Also, since War Gloves we’ve been iterating animations with more effort. We want the animations to be as legible as possible, and to visually communicate player behavior correctly. Of course, we also incorporate feedback from the player community. Each animation should feel high-quality and dynamic and be precisely synchronized with the weapon’s effects. With that in mind, we aim to continue polishing older weapon lines in the future.”

Into the Fray launches tomorrow.

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