Lineage II Aden asks you to defeat Nurka with its newest update

Do this thing, again and again, forever.

It’s time to defeat Nurka! “Who’s Nurka?” you ask. The guy we’re going to defeat, duh. We just covered that, keep up. Look, if you’re choosing to play Lineage II Aden, you just have to accept that sometimes you’re going to have to hunt down a bandit leader (who in this case is named Nurka) and take him down before he takes you down. This is a fact of existence in these games, and the sooner you accept that as valid the happier your life will be. All right? All right.

Where were we? Right, Nurka. You’ll be hopping into the Bandits Wildlife hunting zone to take part in an operation to take Nurka down, with your clan members accompanying you int he operation. Your clan does have to be at least level 3, and you can bring no fewer than 15 people and no more than 40 on your attempt, so at least Nurka is going to take some effort to ultimately take down. If that all sounds fun to you, look forward to it being in the game starting on June 8th.

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