Albion Online heads Into the Fray with today’s update – check out the new trailer!


After weeks of previews, the day is finally here: PvP sandbox MMO Albion Online has released its Into the Fray patch. Headlining the update is the overhaul to magic staffs, upgrades to the castle system, and the new portal towns that ought to make playing in the outlands a little more palatable.

“Magic Staffs have new visuals and animations alongside reworked abilities. Castles and Outposts have been overhauled with new graphics, layouts, and mechanics to make these high-end objectives more thrilling than ever. And the Crystal Arena and Non-Lethal Crystal League offer competitive but accessible 5v5s for players of all levels. […] New Portal Towns in the Outlands offer Bank and Marketplace access along with visually reworked Invisibility Shrines. Resources have received a graphical overhaul, standing out within their environments and making gathering easier and more enticing. New Daily Events offer bonuses for a wide range of activities, encouraging players to try new parts of the game and shaking up Albion’s economy.”

Frankly, I’m just over here living for the new “Journey Back ability” that should “[help] cut down on long travel times.” Heck yeah.

Sandbox dropped a new trailer for the occasion – enjoy!

Source: Official site, press release, patch notes
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