PSO2 New Genesis’ frost-filled Frozen Resolution update goes live


Even though we’re just into the month of June, players of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis would do well to dress their characters up in warm clothes. The Frozen Resolution update for the game is now live, opening up a plethora of features that Sega has been talking up over the past few weeks.

Frozen Resolution opens the frigid new region of Kvaris, full of frosty dangers in the form of new monsters and one zone with a damaging chill in the air. Along the way, players can experience new story content, new gear, and new skills all the way up to the new level cap of 60. Also, there’s snowboarding to be had. The latest patch has further made a few adjustments to the UI, XP earnings, quests, and more.

The new launch hasn’t arrived without some hiccups, however. The list of known issues is alarmingly lengthy, and Sega has announced that it’s aware of a bug that’s stopping players from progressing entirely. Perhaps players may want to wait a few moments more before firing PSO2 up. Maybe by watching the update launch video below.

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