The Cycle Frontier kicks off its free-to-play ‘pre-season’ launch as players decry a pay-to-win DLC pack


Near the end of May, developer Yager noted that its PvPvE survival shooter The Cycle: Frontier was “very close” to release. Apparently that means today, as the game has now arrived free-to-play on both Steam and EGS in what’s being called a “pre-season” release ahead of season 1, which will begin on Wednesday, June 22nd.

According to a press release, the full launch includes “updates and improvements made possible by feedback from the game’s extensive community” who joined in on testing of the shooter, while also nodding in the direction of several “welcome packs” that bundle in currencies, cosmetics, and gear.

It’s one of those bundles that has players raising a stink, specifically the $125 Elite Pack, which includes several pieces of gear in a game where the primary loop is finding equipment in the wilderness and surviving long enough to exfiltrate with their gotten goodies. Negative user reviews on Steam call out this bundle as pay-to-win, while others state that many bugs and issues that were reported during closed beta have not been addressed, culminating in a “Mixed” user review score at this time.

sources: press release, Steam (1, 2), official site, cheers Slava!
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