ArcheAge announces Great Prairie of the West update for June 23

We're going to ignore the ArcheWorld thing for the moment, please and thank you.

Kakao dropped a big preview for ArcheAge today, homing in on the game’s impending Great Prairie of the West update that will constitute its summer offerings as of June 23rd.

The update will include the Great Prairie zone itself, on the southeast side of the Hiram Mountains; landmarks include the Wildflower Forest, Forgotten Spike, the decaying city of Terena, and the Plains Eye mountain. The area will play host to what Kakao dubs Guardian Scramble, “complex faction competition content” that runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays for level 35-and-up characters.

“There are 6 Guardian Totems around the center of the Great Prairie of the West. The totems do not usually reveal their power, but when war is imminent, the power of the guardians is gathered, activating the totems, and wild guardians make their appearance. Each faction (Nuian, Haranyan, and Pirate) can summon its guardian by offering ‘Traces of a Wish’ to the Guardian Totem upon defeating wild guardians. When battle begins in the Great Prairie of the West, the factions dispatch archers to the bases for Guardian Scramble. When the archers are placed, the bases become faction resurrection locations and has Guardian Scramble related mission NPCs spawn. Yearning Altar is where the power of yearning gathers. Advancing the guardian here and controlling the altar will allow you to quickly accumulate faction points. Therefore, advancing the guardian to the Yearning Altar and holding it is the ultimate goal of Guardian Scramble.”

The update will also offer a balance pass on skills, cloth armor, and sieges.

ArcheAge’s latest update did arrive today, with a quick roundup of tweaks for Ipnya Ridge quests, Akasch Invasion entry, stack sizes, and factions.

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