New World talks tuning orbs, perk and loot changes, and the July PTR


Amazon just dropped a brand-new video all about what New World players can expect from the July update – and beyond.

Notably, Scot Lane and Katy Kaszynski – both of whom clearly actually play the game – talk up July’s Summer Medleyfaire event, the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, and of course, the expedition group finder. This will all be on the PTR, though in stages so that players are funneled into testing the content the team needs feedback on. Medleyfaire is up first.

Expedition fans will be pleased to know that the studio is removing tuning orbs from the game and replacing them with an expedition limiter system; it’s tweaking some trade skills to level faster and offer more experience at the top tiers; and it’s buffing perks and loot drops too.

“The Development Team buffed over 150 perks in the game. That means more versatility and flexibility for your preferred loadout,” Amazon says. “There‚Äôs even a new method to reduce the randomness of Expedition Boss loot. Any Expedition specific named item can be salvaged, which produces a new type of resource that can be used to craft your desired drop.” The full video is below.

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