Destiny 2 deep-dives adjustments to airborne accuracy and heralds the return of Trials of Osiris


Are you the type of Destiny 2 player who likes to take to the skies and rain down fire upon your foes? Then you probably noticed that airborne accuracy worked a bit differently when the game’s Season of the Haunted went live. This aspect of combat was carefully discussed in the game’s weekly newsletter, breaking down how accuracy works, summarizing planned adjustments coming mid-season and into Season 18, and promising a more granular breakdown of the numbers in a later post.

Meanwhile, PvP players can once more hop into the Trials of Osiris, which makes a return to the shooter. The Trials brings with it some shiny new armor, weapons, a Ghost shell, and a Sparrow to chase, as well as the application of other PvP mode tweaks that the devs at Bungie have been making in the interest of improving the Trials.

The rest of the newsletter offers some data related to players’ use of the latest Solar abilities, showcases a new Pride pin and emblem that players can get, and highlights some of the game’s Eververse cosmetics that display unique effects when a player is wearing certain pieces of gear.

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