WRUP: Unpopular speedrun categories edition


Super Mario Maker 2: Any% in a level Craig made
Total Runners: 3
Reason for unpopularity: Craig just sucks.

Mega Man VII: 100% never charging your blaster
Total Runners: 2
Reason for unpopularity: It’s really fun to charge up your blaster even though it’s actually kind of detrimental in this game because it doesn’t do all that much damage. I really like this game. It feels like it deserves more love than it gets.

Final Fantasy X: 50% no crying
Total Runners: 4
Reason for unpopularity: Almost everyone who could run this either is going to cry at the story or has no idea what the 50% means.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Any% not Black Eagle
Total Runners: 16
Reason for unpopularity: Why would you pick another house though.

The Legend of Zelda: The Mibble Mopple Panic
Total Runners: 3
Reason for unpopularity: Game does not exist, making those three runners highly suspect.

Blaster Master Zero: What Are You Playing run
Total Runners: 2
Reason for unpopularity: I mean, guess.

Bonus question: Have you ever closely followed a comic, and if so, which ones?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Ring Fit Adventure will get some time, but minimal, as Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week has gotten me out more. So tired! I’m half glad the finale’s this Sunday. Mario Strikers: Battle League just came out though, so that’ll get a lot of attention (sorry Switch Sports, I’m not sure I’ll get more than a couple of games in).

For comics, it’s fits and bursts. Like, once the original Marvel Civil War core story wrapped up, I read that and gifted it to a Japanese family friend so she kind of knew about it before the movie was made, hah! The most recent comic I got into was the Batman: White Knight series. Really interesting take on both Batman and Joker.

Andy McAdams: Weirdly, I fell back into EverQuest 2 with the timelocked server, and being alternately really engaged with playing my Illusionist, and super frustrated at how squishy I am. But then when I get all the things just right and hit that ‘flow’ when playing, I get the warm and fuzzies. It’s a mixed bag.

Bonus Question: Never really got into comics. I am a voracious reader, and the lack of words in graphic novels always left me wanting more than what was there.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m headed into Star Wars Galaxies Legends this weekend. My farm has actually started to produce resources rather than just be a drain on my bank account, so I want to play more and get more seeds into the ground. I also just got a new laptop – it’s been years! – so I’m gonna be setting up games on that, although it’s more of a work laptop than meant for games! Fortunately, a lot of my favorite games are old.

Nope! I mean, as a kid, I read some Star Wars comics when Dark Horse got in on the franchise, but this hardly counts. (Narrator voice: It absolutely counts.)

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): If the time permits, I’ll be playing some Diablo 2 Resurrected. I’m building an Avenger Paladin. Its a melee paladin build that uses the skill vengeance to do damage to most enemies with elemental immunities. I might play some Valorant deathmatch on top of that. Gotta keep my aim sharp after all.

I don’t read comics. It was just something I couldn’t get into. I’ve tried too, but I just couldn’t. Going from panel to panel took too much effort.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Most of this weekend is probably going to be spent in Final Fantasy XIV leveling alt jobs as well as dipping into some crafters and gatherers; I’m hoping this time through will be more enjoyable since I’ll be leveling them for myself and not a guild. I also plan on continuing to bop monster face in Monster Hunter Rise and replaying the demo for Metal: Hellsinger in an attempt to get a higher score.

I think the only comic series I closely followed was Fables, and that was only when I was an adult; my biological father was unkind to comics and my aspirations of being a comics artist/writer.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A bit of FFXIV and a couple of review games; I’m very consciously avoiding a demo for a game that I’m very excited to play just because, well, I want to go into it totally fresh when it comes out. I should really figure out my plans for Saturday’s stream.

I’ve always loved comics; my cousin and I were super into the X-Men comics and Generation X back in the 90s, I’ve always loved Spider-man, I dig the heck out of Saga, and I am honestly always into having new stuff slung my way. And that’s just offline comics. It helps that one of my dearest friends works in comic publishing and keys me into awesome stuff coming down the pipeline; we have entire shelves full of comics in our house.

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