PlanetSide 2 tests item gifting, summer events, and lattice changes on PTS


Sure, throwing a water balloon at someone seems really cut-and-dried, but in the case of PlanetSide 2, the devs want to ensure that these big soggy pieces of personal ordinance are perfectly designed for aerodynamic precision and maximum soakage. That’s surely the rationale for the summer event offerings arriving to the game’s PTS. Probably.

This new test build does in fact test out the upcoming summertime events set to arrive to the game soon, with a look at returning summer directives, familiar soaking weapons, some new cash shop items, and the return of the Aerial Anomalies event. When the summer fun hits the game’s live server, there will also be double XP running between June 17th and 19th.

The PTS isn’t just about drenching soldiers: There are also several lattice adjustments being made, a test of the new item gifting system, and a test of updates to the server hardware for Connery, which appears to have nipped the server’s long-suffering network issues in the bud. Players can get the full measure of the PTS’ offerings in the update notes.

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