Gamigo’s Echo of Soul will close July 15, though a new publisher could potentially take over


Gamigo recently announced that its publishing agreement with the Nvius MMORPG Echo of Soul aka EOS Phoenix will not be renewed when it’s set to expire on Friday, July 15th, effectively marking a sunset for the game for players on our part of the globe on that date.

This marks yet another sunset for the game, as it also was shuttered in Korea and China in 2015, while a different Steam version for western players run by Blue Potion Games went dark in 2020 (there are a lot of versions of this game!). As for this latest sunset, Gamigo and Aeria have halted cash shop currency purchase options for EOS, though any such currency still in player accounts can still be spent on in-game items.

Interestingly, the post further notes that account information could change hands to a new publisher at a later date, and that any information about such a transfer would be shared in the coming weeks. The announcement falls short of confirming such an agreement, but does recommend that players ensure their account email addresses are up to date.

source: official site. Cheers, Clowd!
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