How a typo snowballed into the creation of a Guild Wars 2 in-game romance novelist


Inspiration can strike anywhere. A random thought, a vague plan, or maybe even a twist of fate can sometimes transform into a new character or story. Such is the case for the creation of Snargle Goldclaw, a fictional romance author in Guild Wars 2, whose origin story is too good not to share.

According to a dev blog by senior game designer Connor Fallon, the creation of Goldclaw came about by a typo: specifically, a misspelling by team lead Heather Connor of “Kralkatorrik” as “Kralkatorrid.” This led to a joke between Fallon and Connor about a fake book called A Kralkatorrid Affair, which Fallon wrote a page of and shared with writer Lily Yu, who rewrote it and made it “much better.” The rest, as they say, is history.

The blog continues to outline Goldclaw’s wild and wooly history, the creation of the character in-game, and his exploits through GW2’s history. It’s definitely not the kind of post players might expect, but it’s an entertaining look at how simple starts can explode into whole new things.

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