Dual Universe’s Mercury update will add a new market, reset talent points, and bring more visual polish


While Dual Universe is counting down to an unspecified release date, the devs at Novaquark are still keen to tweak and add to the space sandbox. To that point, the game has unveiled the Mercury update, which will introduce a new player marketplace, continue to adjust visuals, and tweak some of the game’s systems.

The marketplace in question is known as the Alioth Exchange, which will let players effectively apply for in-game advertising space. Selected players can build an installation to draw attention to created constructs, ship shops, markets, guilds, or LUA API scripts. More information about how the Exchange will work is promised in the coming days.

The vast majority of Mercury is otherwise about polishing and tweaking DU, with more graphical changes planned for explosions and lighting, a reset of talent points, and a revamp of the game’s LUA API. The update will also herald a new summer Digital Access Coupon (DAC) referral campaign on top of the existing DACs handed out to backers, and introduce an overview UI element that lets players see their general account information and unlocked possessions in-game.

A release date for this new update is yet to be tied down, but players can at least get an overview of the features in the meantime.

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