Final Fantasy XIV brings its free login campaign around once more


Have you heard of the critically acclaimed meme about the critically acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV with a free trial and so on and so forth? Probably, although if you’re an active FFXIV player, you’ve almost certainly heard it more. (That’s where people spout the meme at each other, after all. We have fun here.) But if you’re a former subscriber who’s taking a break, you are not eligible for the free trial. You are, however, eligible to jump back in and see what’s been added through patch 6.15 with the free login campaign, giving everyone a chance to stop back in and see what’s new.

All right, almost everyone; to be eligible for the free login campaign you must have an account in otherwise good standing that has been unsubscribed for at least 30 days prior to the campaign period. If you meet those criteria, however, you can log in and play freely for 96 hours starting from the point of first login, with the free login campaign lasting until June 30th. So hey, if you’re curious about how things have changed, now’s the time to take a quick dip back into the title.

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