Frozen Flame launches a survival mode, expands its prologue, and brings colder weather


If you want to experience the survival RPG Frozen Flame with more of the survival and less of the RPG, then you’re in luck: The game’s latest update has launched a new survival mod for all servers, pushing the story mode of the regular game aside in favor of a pure survival title. Those who want to experience story mode can do so via the Local Game option.

The update has also added several new items including magical rings and a backpack; introduced a number of tweaks to combat like bows no longer requiring ammo, the ability to block attacks, and replacement of dodge rolls with evasions; adjusted several aspects of the prologue (players now start as skeletons, apparently); and has added colder weather and blizzards to the Broken Valley area. In addition, there’s new recipes, new quests, and ability tree updates.

Frozen Flame has its demo available to download now as part of its participation in Steam Next Fest, while the game is eyeballing a fall 2022 early access launch. For now, those who are playing in the current build have some adjustments to check out. For everyone else, there’s a recent trailer from the PC Gaming Show to check out below.

source: Steam
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