Lineage II Aden kicks off a Baium’s Raid event that promises shiny loot and buffs


Video games have taught me that when an ominous-looking mystical tower that’s nearly shattering to pieces from some malefic power appears, it probably needs to be handled by the world’s heroes, and if the header image above is any indication, that’s just what Lineage II Aden players need to do during the Baium’s Raid event between now and June 29th.

Players who want to take on the challenge will first need to speak with an NPC named Varon and pony up 15,000 Adena to teleport to the area because there ain’t no free tickets to ride in this world. Entry into the raid further requires players to be at least level 76 and be in a party of 20, though a total of 200 entrants can charge into the instance.

What can players expect to receive for all of this high entry cost and kitten herding? Loot, naturally: Defeating Baium or the Archangel bosses awards a variety of equipment, accessories, spellbooks, and pet textbooks, and party members who defeat either boss will earn a buff that ramps up a variety of stats. There’s even extra goodies available to claim during the event period when players take Baium down. All told, there’s a number of reasons for players to enter the encounter, apart from dealing with a threatening building.

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