Swords of Legends Online is bringing more story, new zones, and revamped raid loot in its next update


Update 2.1 is on the horizon for Swords of Legends Online, and publisher Gameforge is promising it will be a “killer update,” with more story content, more zone content, and more updates to existing content. Content!

The headliner of this new update is the continuation of the Shenzhou storyline, which will involve dealing with rifts opening between the realms and large biyouji infiltrating the Dragonstar District. This new story content will introduce two new zones for players to explore: the Dragonstar District itself and the demonic Realm of Light.

On top of new story content, Update 2.1 will revamp raid loot, guaranteeing gear for every raid boss killed in order to make kitting out characters more predictable. There will also be a Martial Artist skill that players can use to help them come to grips with a chosen class. This feature is open to those who have reached Student 2 level and unlocked a certain number of glyphs and Astral Blessings, and is meant for those who are still coming to grips with their character’s abilities; those who are already familiar with their class won’t see much benefit from the feature.

A release date for Update 2.1 hasn’t been provided, but players can get a sneak peek at some of what’s coming now, while Gameforge promises additional details in future update posts.

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