Black Desert PC revamped the Balenos region and quest in this week’s update


Black Desert’s big PC this week went live yesterday, and at the heart of the release is a renewal for the Balenos core questline and region. Pearl Abyss says it’s added fully voiced cutscenes, given major NPCs a makeover, added a storytelling-driven tutorial, and streamlined and retooled the way the questline itself plays out, complete with “alternative outcomes.”

That’s not all that’s in the update; in addition to a large class balancing patch that unfortunately nerfs the heck out of the Shai, Pearl Abyss added the Elvia Calpheon realm, “where players will be able to face transformed grinding zones with brand new mechanics in the hunting grounds of the Calpheon region.”

“There, you will be able to face the even more powerful Saunil, Rhutum, Giants, Hexe Skeletons, and Trolls. Each of the old and familiar monster zones were given unique and interesting mechanic due to the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon and the Rift of Despair at its center. The mechanics that can increase your efficiency are listed below, so be sure to take note of them. Elvia Calpheon will drop materials required to obtain the new “Godr-Ayed” weapons and their enhancement materials. It also drops new loot items required to upgrade alchemy stones as well. We hope this will become a new challenge that our Adventurers will eagerly charge in to take on.”

Source: Patch notes, press release
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