Fractured revamps Aerhen, magic staves, and city raids in today’s CBT update


Dynamight Studios is continuing to pump new and renovated content into Fractured Online as the closed beta pushes forward. Today’s release for testers is chiefly about the continent of Aerhen.

“With this update, we’re finally making its most central location, Dawn Island, available for everyone to explore,” the team writes. “The place is filled with the glimmering Crystal Elementals, from which you can acquire the following brand new abilities: Crystalline Skin, Crystalline Touch, Crystal Shackles, Primal Storm. Get ready to tweak and adapt your build(s)! Adding to the above, we’ve also fixed the nodes of Sulphurite and Platinum, brand new resources found only on Aerhen that you can use for crafting! To make it all easier to explore, we’ve updated the minimap of Aerhen, giving it a more cartoonish/stylized look. This change should make it much easier to identify roads and cliffs. If you like it, we could do it for Myr too!”

Dynamight also tweaked city raids and rewards, magic staves, corpse markers, and sound effects, plus it fixed some bugs relating to crafting fees and status effects.

If you’re curious about the game, swing by our giveaway; we’ve got some keys left that will get players into a three-day chunk of the closed beta over the next couple of months.

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