Old School RuneScape makes adjustments to Giants’ Foundry and seeks player input on game modes


It will likely come as no surprise that players of Old School RuneScape have had some thoughts and impressions to share about the recently added Giants’ Foundry minigame, and it will likely come as even less of a surprise that Jagex has reacted to that feedback and made a number of adjustments in its latest patch.

The updates in question are mostly about quality-of-life, with the molds list showing the best ones first, a change in the weight of the Colossus Blade, animation updates that let players move when examining a finished sword, and a feature that lets players repeatedly put the same amount of armor and weapons into the Foundry crucible, along with hotfixes to a number of Foundry-related bugs. The patch has otherwise made a number of general adjustments in addition to the Foundry tweaks, and the game will go down tomorrow briefly for a clans UI coldfix.

Another major portion of OSRS’ weekly update post is a new survey related to game modes for players to fill out, asking a few questions about how many different game modes fans play and for how long among other things. This is all part of Jagex’s exploration into potentially adding more modes into the MMORPG, which started with an emailed survey sent out by the devs last week.

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