You can watch – but not play – TERA’s last quest before its shutdown

Jump around?

TERA’s remaining days are sadly few as of this writing, as the long-running action MMO is scheduled to close its doors on June 30th. To give the game a final grand send-off, the developers created a “last quest” to put a cap on TERA’s legacy.

The kicker is that while Korean players were able to experience this quest in game, the rest of the world will have to content itself to watch from afar. The official account put up a video of the final cinematic, which can be viewed below.

“You are the shield that defended Arborea,” a character in the video tells a crowd of player characters, “but now, sadly, we must go our separate ways. Your courage, your strength of will… we will remember you always.”

Source: YouTube. Thanks Murasama!
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