Final Fantasy XIV announces its next live letter for July 1

Try again.

All right, we’ve all had fun in Final Fantasy XIV futzing about with riding hippos and giving Ameliance school supplies, but it’s going to be time to get back into the main plot soon enough. Specifically, it’ll be time to get back into it at some point in August, based on the game’s update cadence, and that means we’re due to start getting previews of the upcoming content. That’s the stated purpose behind the upcoming Letter from the Producer occurring on July 1st, starting at 7:00 a.m. EDT.

Producer and director Naoki Yoshida will run down the first part of what players can expect from patch 6.2, no doubt including a top-level overview of the content, the patch title, and various other details to be anticipated heavily in the weeks to follow, as well as the usual miscellaneous updates that come along with any such letter. As usual, the audio will be in Japanese, but the slides shown will include English translations. So get ready for a preview of your next destination in the near future, FFXIV fans.

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