Lost Ark accidentally puts a cash shop bundle on sale – then promptly removes it

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Evidently, there was a bundle on sale in the cash shop of Lost Ark that was never meant to be. The so-called Punika Growth Support Pack, which arrived to the cash shop after last week’s maintenance, bundled together boxes full of gear boost materials and some Ancient Platinum Coins that can be transformed into Silver, all for a cost of $10 worth of cash shop currency.

However, Amazon Games announced shortly after that this particular pack was never meant to be purchasable in the first place, as it was still undergoing some internal testing. As a result, it has since been removed from the cash shop’s offerings.

“While we understand this prompt release and removal of the Punika Growth Support Pack may be confusing, this item was being internally tested and was not finalized for sale on live servers; it was not intended to be released, and made it into the client after last night’s maintenance due to an error in file delivery. We are still working through details regarding any potential offerings of ‘support packs’ including their general availability, content, and pricing. We will provide additional details on future plans when we can.”

As for those who already bought the pack in question, there will be no action taken against those players and all of their bought goodies will remain intact. So if you were among the lucky few who flung a ten spot at Amazon Games, congratulations; you apparently bought the cash shop equivalent of a rare CCG card.

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