Palia answers questions about combat and costumes, says it’s a ‘long way from launch’


Can’t wait to get your cozy on with Palia? It’s going to be a while, as the team confirmed that the title is a “long way from launch” at this point, which is why it hasn’t shared much in the way of gameplay videos yet. Plans are in the works, however, for additional playtests throughout the remainder of the year.

In the meantime, the crew behind the life sim MMO posted answers to “top questions” about the game, including how to pronounce it (it’s “pay-lee-uh,” if you were wondering), how much combat to expect (some, but not too much), and the importance of fashion (it’s the true endgame, of course).

So what will you be doing in Palia? “Our core gameplay loop focuses on developing a myriad of skills, including hunting, bug catching, gardening, cooking, fishing, mining, foraging, and crafting furniture. Improving all of these skills will contribute to building your very own comfy home and living out charming fantasies.”

Source: Palia, Twitter
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