PlanetSide 2 brings back summertime squirt guns and aerial anomalies for PC players


It’s time once again for the infantry of PlanetSide 2 to lock and load. Or more specifically, fill with a load of water, though that doesn’t sound quite as snappy. In any case, the summer event has returned for PC players of the FPS, bringing back all sort of squirt guns and squirt gun-related directives that fans are familiar with.

This year’s event brings three directive events that will run for two weeks at a time, all centered around the use of familiar weapons like the Soldier Soaker sidearm, water balloon grenades, and the water balloon-launching Mega Soldier Soaker. The event will also bring back related summery bundles and cosmetics for those who would rather spend real-world money and not Certs.

On the subject of returning events, this patch also brings back aerial anomalies for players to fly aircraft into for a Tempest to bring back to a nearby faction base, which now features a higher score cap. The PC update also introduces gift giving for various items found in the Depot, applies lattice adjustments, and makes some general fixes and changes.

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