Conan Exiles accidentally leaks a video announcement of its large-scale Age of Sorcery update


The general purpose of having a countdown to a major reveal is that you follow the clock’s timer. Conan Exiles was doing just that, teasing some major reveal with cryptic messages and imagery that set Reddit abuzz with speculation, but unfortunately the devs at Funcom have had their fun kind of spoiled thanks to a leaked video announcing the survivalbox’s next update. Incidentally, those who guessed integration of sorcery get a free internet cookie.

Yes, the update is called Age of Sorcery, and the video promises it as Exiles’ largest update yet, putting in the “sorcery” part of the game’s “sword and sorcery” aesthetic. Sorcery itself is described as more physically grounded, with players choosing an aura of power that opens up rituals (a sort of magical crafting to create minions, mounts, or fast travel points) and spells (some of your classical magical spell abilities). Rituals are given a particular focus, explaining how human sacrifice and other reagents will be needed to power them.

The video also discusses additional features of the update like a new perk and attribute system, which incidentally can be further enhanced by characters’ exposure to void corruption while walking a sorcerous path; improvements to the building system, with a particular focus on making it easier to use for controller users; and new monetization in the form of a battle pass and an in-game store, with the former featuring unique sorcery-themed building items, cosmetic armor, and mounts, and the latter offering more a la carte cosmetic options. Incidentally, these monetization choices will ultimately be replacing Exiles’ usual cosmetic DLC pack sales.

It’s all slated to arrive sometime in the third quarter of this year, but fans can get an advanced (and unintended) look ahead in the video embed below. Provided Funcom hasn’t struck it down, anyway.

source: YouTube, thanks to Vikaernes for the tip!
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