Monster mashing MMO Chimeraland plans a summer launch, opens pre-registration to NA and EU players


Are you eager to create acts of sacrilege against the natural order because you want two monsters to smoosh together and create a whole new horror beast? That’s much of what Chimeraland has been offering, talking up its monster collecting and combining gameplay elements as far back as last year. The game’s staggered launch has thus far seen it launch to the SEA region and beta test in Canada, but now players in the NA and EU regions can look forward to a later summer release and a pre-registration now.

In case you’ve missed our prior coverage, here’s the official blurb:

“Taking inspiration from legends, Chimeraland will transport players to a prehistoric mythical world where fantastical beasts roam the land, sea, and air. Once captured and tamed, players can transform their mount using Chimeraland’s innovative “evolution and devour” mechanic. On devouring a rival Chimera, there is a chance to graft one of its body parts onto your pet – you no longer need to imagine what a unicorn would look like with a scorpion’s tail! Chimeraland’s high level of customization doesn’t stop there, with players able to create their in-game character and build the world of their dreams on the game’s expansive world map.”

As is often the case with pre-registration campaigns, players can snag some free in-game goodies for signing up, and the more players that sign up, the more additional items that will be handed out. Those who are interested in this whole process can head to the game’s website and sign up via Google Play, the App Store, or Steam. As for its NA and EU launch, there’s no confirmed month, but “this summer” is going to be the time. Ideally, you’ll want to read that in your best movie trailer voice.

sources: press release, official site
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