The Elder Scrolls Online guides players through its expanded accessibility features


There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to approach and enjoy a video game as much as you want to because of disabilities or other personal sensitivities holding you back. It’s why we tip our hat to studios like ZeniMax that go out of their way to provide a range of features designed to help the colorblind, hard of hearing, and more.

Seeing as how the studio added several new features with Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 34, ZeniMax figured it was a perfect time to put out a guide which highlights these accessibility options. These include subtitles, text scaling, color options, and gamepad support.

“The ESO team will continue to add and improve upon the accessibility options available to all ESO players in future releases,” ZeniMax vowed.

Update 34 and High Isle is scheduled to release on Xbox and PlayStation this coming June 21st.

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