AdventureQuest 3D adds the Curse Weaver, a $15 cosmetic Mage variant


Considering how often online shooters and MOBAs sell cosmetic variants of classes and champions, it’s kind of surprising such types of sales haven’t made much in-roads in the MMORPG market. One game is certainly availing itself of such business practices, however, and that title is AdventureQuest 3D.

In fact, AQ3D just came out with an alternative class skill for the Mage called the Curse Weaver. “Inspired by the Dark Warlic adventure in the House of Oddities, a new cosmetic class for the mage has arrived in AdventureQuest 3D: the Curse Weaver Mage,” the studio announced. “Just like Alpha Pirate, this cosmetic class includes new gear and reflavored skills and skill effects for the base Mage class.”

The completely optional Curse Weaver skin will set you back by $15 if you want to tap into your darker (and purply) nature. The variant changes the Mage’s skills, so that fireballs become cursed, ice spears turn to acid shards, and lighting storms become toxic shocks.

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