300K players got hit by Lost Ark’s promised ‘massive’ ban wave


Players of Lost Ark can’t say that they weren’t warned: Last week, Amazon Games announced that a “massive” ban wave was coming, and sure enough, that wave has hit, wiping out over 300K accounts in the blast.

Naturally, this has caused a wide variety of reactions. Posts on cheating forums and botting hubs are saying that their banning was either unfair or a false positive, with some gold buyers even claiming they were struck for transactions they made months ago, while players on places like Reddit have their fair share of celebratory schadenfreude threads and memes.

This isn’t the end of the battle, and there are likely some legitimate false positives that were hit in the wave. Amazon had already accounted for this eventuality in its initial announcement of the banhammering, getting ahead of the matter by referring players to support to appeal their exclusion.

source: VG247, thanks to Mike for the tip!
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