MechWarrior Online brings the Crusader chassis and the promised new Vitric Station map tomorrow


It always feels good when a game dev nails its promised release target, and developer Piranha Games has done just that with regards to MechWarrior Online and its patch due to arrive tomorrow, June 21st, the patch notes for which are available to peruse right now.

This patch brings the Vitric Station map, which fans note was initially set to arrive last month but had to be delayed until tomorrow’s update. As the name of the map suggests, this is a quickplay variant of the faction play mode’s Vitric Forge map. The differences in this new map variant were explored last week in a video from the devs.

Also arriving with tomorrow’s patch is the Crusader ‘Mech, a heavy chassis sporting plenty of firepower and the first new ‘Mech to be added to the game since the Dervish in 2019. The update further changes ‘Mech quirks, adjusts some of the game’s weapons, and tweaks three of its existing maps.

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