Temtem outlines PvP updates, its final archipelago, a new breeder route, and monetization


Last week, Temtem ran what it called “Golden Week” – a series of dev blogs that would outline a variety of changes made to the launch edition of the creature-catching MMO, the first of which highlighted updates to progression and Luma Tems. These series of blogs have been posted, so now seems a good time to catch up.

We begin with a PvP update post, outlining a new “battle simulator” arena feature that will let players put together teams of Tems and square off immediately without having to wait until they’ve collected critters. The post also talks about updates to ranked matches, developer-run tournaments, and plans to focus dev attention to balance with a bit of help of key community members.

The sticky wicket of monetization was discussed next, confirming a new premium currency, a battle pass system, and an in-game shop, all of which will be filled with purely cosmetic items.”None of the items will allow you to level up faster, train your Tems better, or anything like that,” the post assures.

The game’s final archipelago, Tamer’s Paradise, was introduced, showcasing the various activities unique to the high-level region. Performing activities on this island awards a new currency called Feathers, which can be used to buy unique cosmetics, house items, and various boost items for Tems and trainers.

Finally, we got a preview of the final breeder route known as the Sea-Queen’s Aquarium. This route is considered completely optional, though players seeking water-based Tems may want to make the visit.

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