Old School RuneScape answers questions about its polling process and expanding content in Q&A video


It’s time once again for the devs of Old School RuneScape to come together for its regular Q&A session. This week, many of the questions focused in on expanding existing activities and the rationale behind player polls.

The content-related questions asked about adding another tier to the Slug Menace storyline, adding high scores to collection log slots, an expansion of the Fossil Island, and introducing more linear dungeons among other things. A lot of discussion was also spawned by a question that asked about the predator vs. prey dynamic in PvP.

A couple of questions also prodded the devs about poll timing and the future of restricted polls, with the former asking why polls come after content is already effectively created and the latter noting community backlash at the last restricted poll. The devs responded by saying they didn’t feel like recent polls came out later than intended, while restricted polls are noted as still being in an experimental stage.

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