Sci-fi MMOs Divergence Online and Otherland are finally taken off of sale from Steam

But its prequel Divergence: Year Zero is still on the storefront


If you’ve forgotten about the sci-fi sandbox MMO Divergence Online, we can’t entirely blame you: The game is mostly known for several moments of online drama, a delisting and then relisting on Steam, and ultimately a lull in development as well as reports it wasn’t working whatsoever. That leads us to the current state of the game’s affairs and the end of a very weird saga, as sales of the game have been halted on Steam as first noticed by MMO Fallout.

The game’s Steam page lists the standard explanation that it was taken off of the storefront “at request by the publisher,” but it’s likely that Valve made the move itself, owing to the fact that the game’s last published update was in November 2016.

We further point out that the survival sandbox prequel Divergence: Year Zero is still up for sale by the same developer – and that same developer hasn’t posted any updates save for a note in 2017, which lays blame for its lack of discovery on Steam’s algorithm and Valve’s prioritization of “candy-crush clones,” along with promises Year Zero’s development would ultimately help the advancement of Divergence. Which, again, is dead, Jim.

Additionally, the synthy sci-fi MMO Otherland, which we took a look back at in a recap last year, appears to have also been removed by Steam, as the game’s servers went dark as long ago as January of last year.

source: Steam (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), cheers MMO Fallout!
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