Seaborne survival title Raft adds new destinations, items, and story in its exit from early access


The multiplayer post-apoc sea sailing survival title Raft has been floating along for a while now. Entering early access back in May 2018, developer Redbeet Interactive has been slowly iterating on the title with more features, locations, and gameplay elements. We reported on one such update last year, and MJ took her first ride in the game in 2020.

After all this time, the game is now officially out of early access and into a full release, with a big 1.0 update to match. The so-called Final Chapter introduces more new story elements as well as an overhauling of existing story beats, a variety of new weapons and stations to craft, extra building features, new avatars to create complete with new clothing options, and a host of new enemies. The update has also introduced trading posts, vending machines, and the ability to create food and drink items that grant buffs.

The game is celebrating its 1.0 release with a 15% discount on Steam, so if you’ve been simply watching the development of this survival title from afar, perhaps now is the time to build a raft of your own. Otherwise, the release has a spiffing new trailer that can be seen below.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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