Dauntless launches the heroic variant of its Radiant Escalation and adds more legendary lantern amps


If you’ve been carving your way through Dauntless’ recently added Radiant Escalation and you’re looking for a bigger challenge, then your ship has arrived as the newest patch is bringing the expected heroic difficulty of the mode.

The heroic Escalation will pit players against the Soulreaper Chronovore at the top of the boss rush, provided they have earned the right to the fight. Successfully moving through the heroic encounter will award players with a new Crest of the Chronovore crown, which incidentally is added to the list of other headwear that can gathered from each heroic Escalation to create the Crown of Many Colors.

The other main addition in the patch is the arrival of two more legendary lantern amps for Radiant Escalation, which offer all-new powers to those with the Drask’s Eye and Embermane’s Rapture lanterns. There’s also more story content for the week, new rewards for reaching level 25 in the Radiant Escalation, and some general game updates and bug fixes. In other news, the devs of Dauntless also offered up some insight into running a live service game in a game dev-facing post from the studio, though there are some fun little tidbits for players like the kinds of games the devs are playing themselves.

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