Fall Guys’ multi-platform free-to-play launch causes the servers to take another temporary stumble


As readers will recall, Fall Guys officially arrived to multiple platforms, including consoles, and did so with a free-to-play business model yesterday. So just how did the devs at Mediatonic fare overnight? Well, there was some launch day server woes, as is often the case – and was the case for the stumble-filled battle royale platformer back when it originally launched in 2020.

The game’s servers started to immediately take a beating, causing matchmaking to fail and fixing it to take longer than anticipated. The devs further had to shut off custom lobbies to fix an issue. Later that night, the servers appeared to be recovering, though the team warned of “some teething issues whilst all bajillion [players] try to play at once.”

As of this writing, the servers appear to have stabilized, though there was a section of the game store that had to be taken down due to a “haunted item causing issues.” The game is otherwise talking up its new season pass, the launch of a Stadium Stars show, and the release of an exclusive Twitch extension.

As for the game’s population, that appears to be hitting a spike, though the only traceable metrics we can follow is through Steam, which saw player numbers run upwards on the platform in spite of new sales of the game getting yoinked in the interest of EGS exclusivity.

sources: Twitter, official site (1, 2), Steam Charts
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