Gamigo announces new Trove class and biome in Sunrise update launching June 28


Just this week on the podcast, we expressed some concern over the state of Gamigo and its MMOs, concern that has been mounting as it closes down games, gives up licenses, and skimps on content. Players of Trove, however, still have plenty to look forward to, as Gamigo announced the “dawn of a new age” for the game with its incoming update, dubbed Sunrise.

According to the trailer, Sunrise includes the Solarion class, which looks like a bow-toting light-based battlemage, as well as a brand-new dual-level biome called Sundered Uplands, which looks gloomy on the bottom and glorious at the tippy tops of the trees.

“Trovians can begin exploring the Sunrise update, which includes the new Solarion class, the new Sundered Uplands biome, Ultimate Bosses in new 5 Star Dungeons, and much more!” Gamigo says. “The Sunrise update will be available for free on PC on June 28, 2022 and will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch this summer.” The company is planning a reveal stream on Friday.

Source: YouTube, Twitter
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