PlanetSide 2 previews a new boat, underwater objectives, and retooled Outfit Wars arriving in the Surf and Storm update


While the next update arriving to PlanetSide 2 might not be as impactful as adding a whole continent, the upcoming Surf and Storm update that’s planned for the multiplayer shooter might still have plenty of things for players to be eager for if a new preview post is anything to go by.

One of the primary new additions being made in this update is the Corsair assault craft, the game’s first pure naval vessel. This squad-spawnable seafaring ship can take on five passengers and two gunners, with the passengers aboard the ship able to literally (and safely) catapult themselves into firefights.

Another major feature of the update is the addition of Seaposts, which are basically like regular objective locations that factions can fight over, only they’re located underwater. There will also be an added handheld mobility device that should address concerns regarding the slower pace of underwater combat.

Finally, Surf and Storm will once again bring on a new season of Outfit Wars, this time with a new 1v1 format, the opportunity for player outfits to fight against other groups from their same faction, and a new Nexus Battle Island map where players will fight to control the most territory – the first to Warpgate the opposing outfit will claim victory.

Release timing for this new update hasn’t been announced, and that will mostly be dependent on how public testing of the update’s features goes, but PS2 players do have some new and different things to look forward to.

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