Star Trek Online launches Stormfall on console, preps summer Lohlunat Festival for June 30


Console Trek fans, you don’t have to wait a minute longer for Stormfall: The new Star Trek Online chapter already live on PC now launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after maintenance today, bringing with it the Blueshift and The Calling featured episodes, the remastered Starfleet tutorial, the rebuild of the Forged in Fire task force operation, and the Heart of the Storm event.

Of course, you’ll have just a week to partake of the new chapter before the Lohlunat Festival descends upon all platforms at the same time to distract you with its summer silliness. It’ll run June 30th to July 30th.

“Summer has officially returned to Risa, which means it’s time for Star Trek Online’s annual Lohlunat Festival to begin! From June 30 through July 30, Captains can travel to the tropical planet of Risa to participate in a series of summer games and earn this year’s coveted prize, the all-new Cnidarian Defender [T6]. This special ship, based on the first alien beings encountered on Star Trek: The Next Generation, can be flown in both saucer and jellyfish modes. Festivities for this year’s event, all of which progress players towards the new ship, include Powerboard Races, the Biathlon, Horga’hn Hunting, Scavenging with Sovak and the coolest Dance Party this side of the galaxy. Players can also earn credits towards hot new items available in the Summer Event Store, including baseball uniforms, floaters and powerboards based on the Andorian Blue Bores baseball team, and new Andorian themed modules, kit frames, Tribbles and Caracals to make sure it’s a cool summer.”

Source: Press release
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