Valheim shows off Mistlands’ new forge, a giant tick, and wall-mountable fish decorations


First off, there’s still no launch date for Valheim’s Mistlands update. However, the devs at Iron Gate Studios are still keen to keep on offering sneak peeks of the things that players will be able to experience, with yet another such post shared today.

The preview offers a better look at a new kind of forge that will arrive, a peek at a massive tick monster (that’s covered by a spoiler shield, presumably in the interest of not tripping any phobias), and a variety of fish that can be caught and mounted on the wall because what self-respecting wood lodge doesn’t have taxidermied fish as a decorative element?

The post otherwise talks up its upcoming release to additional platforms, noting that external teams are working on these editions while Iron Gate’s core team works on Mistlands. It might not be the release announcement fans want, but hey, wall-mounted fish.

source: Steam
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