Conan Exiles provides a closer look at Age of Sorcery’s overhaul of building

Tree house!

One of the primary goals to shoot for in Conan Exiles is building yourself an absolutely swanky house. After all, where else are you going to put your crafting stations and flex on people in your server as you cobble together a magnificent tower worthy of a Robin Leach voiceover? With the upcoming Age of Sorcery update, the process of putting together the domicile of your dreams is looking to get a whole lot easier.

A new in-depth dev blog outlines a variety of changes being made when Age of Sorcery overhauls the building system, including a dedicated UI that’s separate from crafting and item management; quality-of-life updates that provide better visual indicators of what can be built, how much can be built, and changing what’s built after the fact; and better mod compatibility overall. The entire system is altogether being designed for ease of use, whether players use a keyboard and mouse or (especially) a gamepad.

Age of Sorcery is set to land sometime in the third quarter of this year, but until then, there are some words about building updates to read through.

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