Dungeons and Dragons Online goes prehistoric with Isle of Dread launch


Watch out for the enormous piles of dino doo-doo, and welcome to Isle of Dread! Dungeons and Dragons Online brought the classic D&D module to life with the launch of the MMO’s latest expansion this past Wednesday.

It sounds as if players are in for quite the journey: “A mysterious island reappears off the coast of Stormreach and Foxpaw has been kidnapped by pirates to be dragged away to the island. To make matters worse, the Cult of Vecna has been sighted in the region. It can’t be a coincidence. Prehistoric dangers await any that step onto the island’s shores… if they can survive the passage.”

Isle of Dread makes a lot of big changes to the game, including raising the level cap to 32, introducing a dozen new quests, opening a special raid, improving teleport items with additional destinations, adding more epic destinies, and welcoming the new cat-like Tabaxi race.

The base expansion can be purchased for $40 now or with store points in December.

Source: DDO. Thanks DDOCentral!
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