Final Fantasy XIV makes more wards available to private buyers starting on July 10

You want to live here, huh?

Finding a house in Final Fantasy XIV can be a challenging prospect just insofar as needing to have access to a plot before you even think about actually buying it. This was exacerbated somewhat with the introduction of the game’s lottery system for houses; while the system did ensure that you would actually have a shot at the lot instead of instantly losing out if you couldn’t log on as quickly as someone else, it also reserved the first 18 wards for Free Company land purchases and left only wards 19-24 for private buyers. But that’s changing starting on the lottery period commencing July 10th to allow for more private entries.

Free Company buyers will be able to put in a bid for houses in wards 1-9, with wards 10-24 reserved for private entrants. As in the past, this change will in no way affect houses that have already been purchased in now-incompatible areas, so you don’t have to worry about losing your FC house if it’s now in a private ward. Of course, the demand still far outstrips the supply, but having more options open for private buyers is at least a nice change. (Now let’s, like… actually get some more wards, maybe?)

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